HTML5 document viewer

CSPanorama API is the latest HTML5 based document viewer released by CSoft AS. It is the next generation suite of high-speed viewing software designed for viewing, annotating documents and images from anywhere. It is powered by our very own HTML5 viewer and allows developers to seamlessly display PDF, CAD and Raster types of documents within web, mobile and desktop applications. The application is available on any handheld device connected to the internet. This is an easy to use viewer which can be integrated for viewing documents and images into Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems. CSoft has designed this file viewer in a manner where users’ development teams can use its customizable API features to increase productivity and streamline workflows.


CSPanorama API Features

Great User Experience

This powerful tool offers developers useful tools for viewing documents online. You can add required functionalities like navigating multiple pages of a document, preview them with thumbnails, and zoom in/out of a document, drawing annotations on documents in your web application in minutes.

View files in any web application

Developers can embed documents with this document viewer in any web or mobile app by using a simple JavaScript library – no plugins, downloads, or desktop software required. Developers can easily integrate CSPanorama API with their existing server application.

Supports all leading browsers

Users can view documents from any web-enabled device that supports HTML5-ready web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and IE.

Supported File Formats

User can view and collaborate most of the common business document and image files with this HTML5 based document viewer :

  • Portable Document Format: .pdf
  • Image files: .bmp, .gif, .jpeg, .jpg, .png, .tiff, others
  • CAD Drawing File Format: .dxf, .dwg(2017), .dgn


Powerful CAD features

CSPanorama API offers powerful CAD features like

  • View Xref in CAD files
  • Search texts inside CAD documents
  • View, switch on/off Layers of a CAD file
  • Get CAD element details in mouse events
  • Read Architecture objects like Door, Window, floor Stairs etc.


Easy Integration

The viewer’s GUI can be easily customized to adopt it to your app’s or website’s theme. You can add/remove buttons, toolbars, configure events and re-style the appearance. Our SDKs allow developers to configure the document viewer rapidly with minimum coding.

Support multiple annotation tools

The document viewing solution allows users to easily add annotation functionality to the document. It supports advance and various annotation tools like geometric shapes, lines, arrows and stamps.

Fully customizable look & feel

The document viewer in HTML5 looks like it was built just for your application by customizing every aspect of its appearance. The documentation and the sample application provides help to customize the viewer with simple html and JavaScript so that CSPanorama fits with your application seamlessly.