Best Image archiving software - EDA

EDA is web based Image archiving software. It provides a platform to centralize, organize, and view all of your digital images. An archive is a database that embraces references to drawings, thumbnails and qualities. EDA adds to CSoft range of products a missing link an effective image archiving solution. EDA collects and organizes drawings. EDA can contain pdf, scanned documents, digital photos or any type of imagery and more. EDA uses Image Archiving and Filters to streamline locating and using drawings and documents.


Start to use Image archiving solution :

After a few simple steps you will have your drawing in a systematized way:

1. First you select or define an archive template.
2. Then you create a drawing archive using this template.
3. Now import your drawings into the image archive.

Regular management of drawings will finally be well-organized.


Archive template

Image archiving software keeps everything simple providing the user with a set of predefined archive templates. A template is an ordered archive structure definition proper for detailed application, for instance mechanical, architectural and others. Image Archiving made with the same template have the same simple structure. User can form, use and share templates.

Archive template

Importing Drawing

EDA has three procedures of document import:

1. The user selects files and folders comprising drawings and lets EDA import them.

2. EDA also has a "Virtual Scanner". Virtual Scanner "scans" this "hot folder" and if a fresh file comes, EDA adds this new file into the archive automatically.

3. Using RasterID or WiseScan as EDA's Image archiving data provider. This is the well-organized way to scan and archive large quantities of documents.

Multi-User Access

Image archiving software goes beyond the manageable personal archive functionality with its multiuser access. Archives records are automatically locked during update to prevent data loss. EDA stores the name of the last user who modified the data. Date and time of last adjustment is also stored. EDA can be customized both in look and functionality according to a user's access level.

Multipage documents and multiform support

To support structures in multipage Hybrid documents database the multiform feature is used. It encompasses the skill to describe varied sets of forms for the same archive depending on record type and condition. The communication relating to the record type and a subset of forms is stored in the database. It makes the data input development more systematized as well as fast-moving and streamlining the navigation through the image archive.

Flexible user interface

Create multiple users with different permission level and accessibility in this Image archiving software.

Flexible user interface

Easy inter-operability with MS Excel

Now you can easily export image data to database from MS excel to an archive. You can now effortlessly develop your productivity with this.

Manage-view-print with ease

You can now search, view, annotate, download or print your file from one single interface easily. Management of your files is now so simple with this Image archiving software.

Manage view print with ease

Easy to create custom forms

Now it is so easy and comprehensible to produce own custom forms. Users can create and run own custom rule and lookup fields to increase search and productivity, filtering and multi-user multi-role support to facilitate hybrid document database management in total.

Easy to create custom forms


To find a desired drawing, efficiency is a must for each image archiving solution. EDA delivers a simple and powerful drawings demand mechanism. User demands forms a filter for selecting one drawing or a set of drawings which matches the search criteria. Filter settings can be kept and reused when essential.


Viewing and Markup Tools

The embedded viewer can display files in varied drawings formats- raster, vector or hybrid. Full multi page raster support was added with an excellent multipage file creator tool. Supported raster multi -page formats are: TIFF, PDF, BMP, JPG, and RLC. Useful markup tool with markup data layering simplifies message and association between users of stored documents.