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CS View 5


CSView 5 is the next version of multi-format document viewer made by CSoft

The amount of information encountered in technical environments is enormous and comes from different applications. Having the ability to review this data and collaborate with other users requires a robust visualization tool able to access to multiple file formats. CSView provides maximum flexibility and can be used as a standalone application or integrated with industry standard document management systems or in any application capable to contain ActiveX control. CSView is supplied with 2 levels of functionality, starting from CSView Base to CSView.

What's new in CSView 5
  • New Measure window and commands for measuring distances, angles and squares in the Viewer window, as well as calculating overall values for a group of markup objects.
  • New functions for current view rotation.
  • Beginning from this version CSView product has been divided on two branches: CSView Base and CSView

    1. 1. CSView Base - the base product version for viewing and printing images and documents. This version can display red lining in documents, but you can not create and edit it.

      2.CSView -the standard most complete version that additionally includes following features for red lining (creating and modifying):
  • Markup objects.
  • Inspector.
  • Snap Setup.
  • Grid Setup.
  • Measure window.
  • Using additional markup layers.

  • CSView 5 features
    Viewing Features:

    With help of CSView user can open any kind of documents and file formats, including raster images, vector CAD-files, PDF and hybrid (raster-vector) documents. Each document can be manipulated with the same set of tools. It is possible to zoom, pan over the drawing, to control display of layers in layered drawings, such as AutoCAD DWG of DXF file, etc. For better quality of colour raster images halftone display is used.

    Printing Features:

    CSView can output viewable files to a printer. A full print preview is available to check the output settings. It is simple to select what and how you want to print. Results can be scaled to the desired size or automatically resized to fit the available paper size. Moreover - all predefined printing parameters such as printing paper format and orientation, document position on printing paper etc can be saved as a printing template and reused later.


    CSView has a COM-based architecture for optimal speed, performance, stability and security. It can be provided in two versions ® as a standalone application or as an embedded ActiveX-control application. It is possible to integrate the CSView control directly into an industry standard EDM or PDM system or add it into any other application which is capable of containing ActiveX control objects.

    Markups are separate files that are linked to an associated document. Markups can be stored on any drive or media, making it available to other users making it an invaluable asset that greatly facilitates communication and collaboration between team members. Any viewable document can be annotated to implement collaborative content creation, change requests, ECOs, and other revision and versioning controls.

    CSView markup tool has Rectangles, Rounded rectangles, Ovals, Lines, Polylines, Bubbles and Text as markup objects. The user can move, scale, rotate or edit any marked-up object. It is also possible to add hyperlinks to any mark-up. A text comment with frames and arrow allows team members to share ideas and highlight problem parts in the design. Multiple colours, semi-transparent mode for backgrounds and different fill styles can be used to distinguish different markups. Furthermore, layers can be used to manage markup. Markup drawing commands utilize raster/vector snap and ortho mode to accurately draw comments.

      CSView CSView Base
    Loading and Viewing files of various formats X X
    Rotation of Scanned Images and CWS- files X X
    Layer management of drawing files X X
    Multipage files and view layouts support X X
    Document printing X X
    Customizable templates for printing X X
    Embedded File System browser X X
    Markup functionality (load/create/edit/markup layers) X  
    Inspector (for markup objects' properties editing) X  
    Measure tool with units support X  

    Supported file formats
  • Adobe PDF (raster only) (*.pdf)
  • AutoCAD Drawing (*.dwg)
  • AutoCAD DXF (*.dxf)
  • CALS (*.cal, *.cg4, .gp4, *.mil)
  • ER Mapper (ECW) (limited edition only)
  • HPGL File (*.plt, *.hp)
  • Intergraph Raster Type 24 with multipage (*.cit)
  • JEDMICS C4, T4 (*.c4, *.ct4, *.tg4, *.t4)
  • JPEG (Joint Photographic Experts Group) (*.jpeg, *jpg)
  • LizardTech SID File (*.sid)
  • MIL files (*.MIL)
  • Portable Network Graphics (*.png)
  • Run Length Encoded File (*.rlc)
  • RxVectory 4.x, 5.x (*.vc4, *.vc5)
  • RxSpotlight 3.? Workspace File (*.ws)
  • WiseImage (*.cws, *.csrl)
  • Tagged Image File, including multipage files (*.tif)
  • Windows Bitmap (*.bmp)
  • Windows MetaFile (*.wmf, *.emf)
  • ZSoft PCX (*.pcx)
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