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WiseBook 2


Digital books are the future 

There are a large amount of books and records that only can be accessed by visiting libraries, museums or record office. Unique documents such as wills, land deeds, maps, cemetery records and more. Physical handling deteriorates these originals over time. CSoft introduces its part of the modern solution to simplify the existing processes and produce perfect printer ready single and multi-page images files.

Book scanning 

There are basically two ways to scan a book.

  • Using a conventional flat bed scanner;
  • Using a planetary camera.
  • Cost-wise there is no contest. A conventional flat bed scanner is much cheaper than a planetary camera. However, the flat bed scanner has some severe limitations.
  • To get a decent image, the book must be placed face down on the glass. This means picking it up, turning the page and placing it down again between each scan.
  • Even applying pressure on the binding will make the page "curve down" at the centre of the binding, distorting the words which are near the bound edge and there will be some dark shadows down the centre of the book where the light travels further and focus is offset.

  • The perfect software to scan fragile originals on a flatbed scanner must be equipped with all the tools needed to compensate distortions of the curved book-fold and help eliminate the use of force to achieve perfect results. WiseBook supplies this as well as all other important tools to improve the capture time.

    WiseBook 2 features

  • Scanning two pages at the time regardless of scanner input device - flatbed or planetary.
  • Automatic content location and margin setup.
  • Automatic page detection and splitting.
  • Automatic distortion corrections including book-fold correction.
  • Single and multi page raster file output and OCR-post-processing.
  • Saving the setup of fine-tuned parameters of all used tools for future re-use.
  • Creation of batch job description to automate the whole book scanning process.
  • Single command book processing with the use of the previously saved batch job description.
  • WiseBook at a glance

    WiseBook combines productivity and performance right 'out-of-the-box'. WiseBook can be configured to produce output at virtually any quality level while offering the highest possible throughput. WiseBook works with books, drawings, photos, maps or any kind of source documents.

    The powerful image treatment capabilities built into WiseBook automatically eliminate skewed images and remove unwanted fan and gutter. WiseBook are compatible with most large and small format scanners. When used with wide-format flatbed or planetary scanners WiseBook scans two pages at once automatically splitting pages and correcting for book-fold in milliseconds. WiseBook then automatically flattens the "curved" part of the page where it dips into the centre binding. The same process can also be applied to already scanned images.

    WiseBook is for large repetitive jobs. It can help you with thick multipage foliates scanning using advanced batch processing. The result is perfect scanned pages cleaned and uniformly processed and stored in multipage raster files.

    Optionally you can connect external OCR tools such as the FineReader OCR Engine or local OCR engines with WiseBook to convert scanned pages to plain text or to rich text format files.

    WiseBook can be used for single page scan also. It eliminates tedious repetitive tasks by automated page cropping, deskewing and resizing to corporate standards. It can handle more than one page per scan. WiseBook can separate, deskew crop and resize any number of pages or images from one pass scans on a flat bed scanner. This increases productivity when scanning large quantities of smaller "clips".

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