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WiseImage FM


WiseImage FM

  • Unique raster and vector technology with advanced tools to process legacy drawings
  • Floor plans are parametric models consisting of intelligent objects
  • Graphical front-end for any Facilities Management solution
  • Floor plan models from 2D-CAD drawings and raster images is just one mouse click away
  • Improved workflow of floor plan data extraction
  • Open API to internal data structures of the floor plan models

    What is WiseImage FM?

    WiseImage FM is a powerful application, based on CSoft's award-winning raster and vector technology, which enables fast and easy conversion of raster floor and building-plan drawings into parametric models, also including all necessary facilities. WiseImage FM is designed to satisfy the requirements of the most demanding organizations in analysis and access to information regarding maintenance and facilities of real estate. WiseImage FM can be integrated with other facility management applications, databases and MS Office, helping to keep all required facilities data up-to-date.


    Must have for Facilities Management

    The integration of existing drawing archives with computer-aided Facilities Management systems requires an efficient technology to convert and capture FM-related data from the original building floor plans. The need to keep FM data up-to-date through a simple process has motivated the WiseImage FM development. WiseImage FM focuses on efficiency and usability. WiseImage FM delivers advanced tools for floor plan drawing and editing. Its unique tool set also includes automatic and semi-automatic conversion of data such as 2D or raster floor and building-plan drawings into intelligent models. WiseImage FM will recognize a floor plan, extract FM data and create "Intelligent Objects" from vectors or from raster drawings. These objects will contain all the necessary data for your FM solution. WiseImage FM provides an open programming interface for easy integration with Facilities Management applications, databases and MS Office. A Facilities Management solution can access all objects on the floor plan models. Remember that old buildings not yet part of BIM or FM solutions still outnumber BIM'ed properties by more than 10:1. WiseImage FM is designed to help you fast-track your BIM and FM needs.

    WiseImage FM features

  • One step transition from scanner to BIM. WiseImage FM has native support for most wide-format scanners and advanced technology for scanned raster editing and conversion
  • Creation of floor plans models directly from 2D-CAD drawings and raster images
  • Advanced tools to draw new, redraw and modify existing floor plans
  • Extendable and manageable Template Libraries of intelligent objects (Walls, Doors, Windows, Stairs, Columns and etc.)
  • Special tools for Facility Management engineers for management and modification of existing floor plans
  • FM data and graphics self-contained in just one file
  • Adjustable classifiers and smooth data exchange due to application-independent data structure that allows users to maintain proper facility standards
  • API for access to internal data structures of floor plan models and yes, we've changed WiseImage FM version number to 12. WiseImage FM is a special version of our flagship product WiseImage Pro for Windows. Since now we will number WiseImage FM with the version of the product it is based on.


    WiseImage FM 12 includes some major changes

    WiseImage FM includes more than 15 new features in the base functionality of WiseImage and more than 30 new features in the Facilities Management part of WiseImage FM. The FM-related features affect most of the functionality of the application. Some of these features are:

  • Reading and recognition of the blocks and their attributes;
  • Changes in Templates library, Objects Manager;
  • Extended Export / Import functions;
  • Fine-tuned settings;
  • Massive changes in the floor plan creation and processing commands;
  • New commands and new Drawing Objects;
  • Improved Attributes management;
  • Changes in Walls and Wall Modifiers;
  • Rewritten Tag management.
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