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CSoft world

Here we welcome all partners, distributors, dealers and customers to share ideas and communicate in a world of hybrid graphics. Please enter your username and password and you get an access to all our pages.

In the Hybrid World section you can read and find links to different articles, become a member of our community and read people references on various topics. We are also plan to publish here our success stories and provide you with examples of product customization (case solutions).

We hope that your active participation can help us to offer you better products, find right solutions to you problems and mutually evolve our vision in the world of hybrid graphics. Let's do it together.

  • WiseMechanical


    WiseMechanical is a standalone 2D drafting and design application with a traditional CAD-style user interface. WiseMechanical provides users with a detailed library of...

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  • RasterID


    RasterID provides a solution to the bottleneck problem of image processing and indexing hundreds and thousands of drawings during or after the scanning process...

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  • WiseImage


    WiseImage is a new gener ation of 2D s tandalone application for raster editing, r aster-t o-vector conversion and drawing revision. WiseImage enables y ou to make quick...

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